FOR SALE: 2006 Mazda Spec-MX5

Rennkraft Motorworks is selling Jason’s 2022 Spec MX5 car.  For more information please contact Tony at Rennkraft Motorworks.  

This is a 2006 Spec MX-5 build by FRD in 2022, Raced in 2022 with the Spec MX-5 Series. It can run SMX and STL. Comes will all the spares include 3 sets of wheels, engine, doors, bumpers.


The Spec MX-5 race car is based on the NC-generation (2006-2015) Mazda MX-5.  The Spec MX-5 race car uses the renowned Mazda MZR engine, with a Roush CNC cylinder head and Mahle pistons (all forged internals).  The Spec MX-5 fits nicely in several club racing classes, specifically SCCA STL and NASA ST5, and many endurance classes.  With its race suspension, including Penske single-adjustable shocks, Eibach springs and the Toyo RR race tires used in the series, Spec MX-5 cars are significantly faster than Spec Miatas and T4 NC racers, and just slightly slower than ND2 MX-5 Cup cars.

Here are some details.
Here is the list of what the car had in the spring.:

  • IGN Coils new Crank sensor
  • new Calipers
  • New All suspension bushings perfect
  • Sway bars
  • series spec Sparco wheel and quick disconnect
  • Brake cooling ducts and cooling backing plate spec series
  • New RX8 front wheel brgs spec series
  • Diff mount upgrade spec 6speed gearbox updated.
  • Cold air box mazdaspeed Spec header and muffler.
  • FRD installed Spec MX5 kit at start of 2022 season with a brand new Mazda “Turnkey” engine.

Additional items in 2022 season:

  • New seat in July 2022.
  • New belts (good through 2025)
  • New window net (good through 2024)
  • AiM MXS dash logger
  • Car has battery relocated to trunk
  • Car has brand new engine harness and Ecu
  • New radiator
  • Clutch and pedal and hydraulics have 2 races on it. A
  • Shocks 2 races since f
  • resh Wheel brgs 3 races
  • Comes with 2 sets of Ray wheels with used dry Toyo’s and 1 set of OEM wheel with Toyo Rains
  • Spare 2.0L engine – could be rebuilt to Spec MX5 cup specs and use the currently installed Mazda “Turnkey” as a spare.
  • Spare doors, good used rear bumper cover, new front bumper cover, New fenders, left rear quarter panel (not on car)

All invoices from Mazda are available showing all new parts.

Car is a solid front runner in SMX, STL, Spec-MX

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