Partner Endorsements

“I was impressed with his maturity for his age, I think Jason would be a fantastic spokesperson, he’s very well spoken, very mature, very professional race car driver, and he looks the part, he would be a very fine representative for any team, any agency, or any series out there”
~ Kelton Jago, Lieutenant Colonel US Army Special Operations Retired

“Jason really impressed us, he’s a very talented young man, he’s very focused and dedicated. He obviously wants to do this, works very hard, very coachable. He’s been very fast and I think he’s ready to win races at this level”
~ Bob Perona, Driver Coach Pabst Racing

“If any potential race teams or sponsors are interested in possibly having Jason race for you, I give my personal guarantee, Jason will make you happy, he will be there on
time and be ready, I guarantee it”
~ Dave MacIntyre, Voice of Cup Karts of North America

“Jason is a very consistent driver and his performance is really good. He’s a great driver and takes care of his equipment. I see him moving up on a regular basis over the next two or three years to be an Indy Car contender”
~ Ralph Howard Hanson Jr, Pegasus Marketing Group

“He’s really really on top of his game, really well spoken, understands how to share information with the audience was really and it was really great to have him on the show”
~ Brian Bielanski, Voice of the SCCA

Glenview State Bank is pleased to continue to support Jason and Wild Duck Racing.  In addition to the fact that Wild Duck Racing does an “over the top” job at acknowledging sponsors and supporters throughout the entire year, and in addition to the fact that Wild Duck Racing does an incredible job at keeping sponsors in the loop as to the progress of the racing season, it is very gratifying to support a young man such as Jason who works so hard at his craft and passion.  As a community bank, it is phenomenal to see a member of Glenview’s youth so dedicated to his sport, with a incredibly supportive family by his side.  We take pride in joining other local businesses in throwing their support behind Jason, Steve and Wild Duck Racing.  Good luck in 2021!

David Kreiman – Executive Vice President
Glenview State Bank
Glenview, IL

C&M Auto Service Inc. is excited and proud to be a sponsor of Wild Duck Racing.  It is great to see the excitement in Jason and Steve’s eyes when they talk about the races and their accomplishments from over the last several years. Wild Duck Racing does a fantastic job in keeping us informed of what and how they are doing throughout the season. They have presented us with very nice thank you Plaques (built by Steve) with pictures of my staff, Jason and Steve, trophies and the race karts. I have the pictures, and a part of the kart body (with my logo on it) hanging on the wall in my customer waiting area. Steve is always promoting us and his other sponsors whenever he gets the opportunity. I have seen them display the kart and trophies at the Glenview street festival and the Monday night car show held at Old Orchard shopping center during the summers. Of course the kart is displaying all the sponsors’ logos.  They are good at keeping up with whole social media marketing thing to get the word out about Wild Duck Racing.

It nice to see a young man going out and experiencing racing, learning about the mechanics of the karts, sportsmanship and all the things that go with it. These days too many kids sit around playing video games or get into trouble, this is a lifelong learning experience for Jason and Steve and I am happy to be part of it. I am looking forward to continuing the sponsorship and wish them the very best in the upcoming season.

Chuck Hartogh
C&M Auto Service Inc.
Glenview, IL

Atomic Decals is a proud sponsor of Wild Duck Racing.  Throughout the 2015 racing season, Jason and Steve – along with the rest of the Wild Duck Racing family – did a fantastic job not only on the racetrack, but in showing appreciation for their sponsors, and did a phenomenal job getting their sponsor recognition front and center. We at Atomic Decals believe our name was represented well on the racing circuit itself with the decals on the racing and transport vehicles, online through blogs and social media, and through word of mouth.

We look forward to a great 2016, and continued partnership with Wild Duck Racing.
Good luck this year, Jason!

Bruce Bilins
Owner Atomic Decals