Building the team for Donington

Lets start with the latest Episode of Jason and Richard,(we need to find a better name).    We hear about what Jason is doing to prepare for the Donington Park race, what he’s doing in Bicester, plus some thanks to a friend in Glenview. 

Unfortunately, we’ve learned that the race won’t be on YouTube however we can watch live timing on the TSL Timing page for the race.   

May 11th race schedule for the United Formal Ford Races. 
Here’s the schedule in CST.
Qualifying:  5:45 am
Race 1:  8:35 am
Race 2:  12:20 pm

More exciting news: Jason has formed a new partnership with ADM Ltd to help him as he reach for new levels in his racing career. They are helping him prepare for the next United Formula Ford at the Historic Donington Park. Gary and the team are going to provide him the tools and training he will need to navigate the complicated but exciting new world.

Jason and Richard: First Race How it Went

Here’s the race report from Jason and Richard.  The team put a car together that was just ready enough for Jason to get in and go with minimal preparation.  With some more time getting used to the car and getting it tuned they should be really fast. 

One of the bonuses of racing on the an international level is you get some international publicity.  Here are just a few articles from round the globe that mention Jason. 

Thanks to the Ray Race Cars and Phil Wills Racing One.  Jason and the team are getting ready for the next pair of races at Donington Park on May 11th. 

Here’s the schedule in CST.
Qualifying:  5:45 am
Race 1:  8:35 am
Race 2:  12:20 pm

You will be able to watch live timing for all three at the msvr page for the event.  We’re still looking for the link to the live race on YouTube.

First United Formula Ford Race Results

Prior to landing in the United Kingdom at the beginning April, the last time Jason was in a race car was October 22nd at the USF Pro Combine at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  With just a week of acclimation Jason had his first experience in the his Ray Race Car F1600 at Snetterton Circuit for 3 brief test sessions where he had to  shake down the car, learn the track, and then finally learn to drive it fast.  That’s the only seat time he had prior to setting tires on the track a the world famous Silverstone Circuit for the first race of the United Formula Ford season. 

Having arrived at Silverstone on Friday, there were only two sessions for Jason to learn the track and for the team to make sure the car was race ready.  Unfortunately, due to minor car issues, his sessions where shortened.  Despite that, he was able to pick up the track quickly and started showing the speed required to race well.  After end of day after debriefing the team and Jason made some adjustments to prepare the card for a successful race day on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, Jason climbed into the car and drove out for his qualifying sessions with confidence, prepared to tackle more firsts, new tires and reading a pit board for communication instead of the radio.  He spent a few laps gentling the tires in to readiness before running some initial push laps.  Once ready to go, Jason put in a good banker lap and jumped to pole and then continued to set faster laps.  Jason held the pole position for most of the session.  Just prior to the session being stopped,  he lost the pole by just 0.125 seconds.  Jason would be starting his first race on the front row in second.

All of Jason’s previous race starts were rolling, the field makes a slow lap and the green flag starts the race.  In the UK and Europe they use a standing start.  The cars are stopped and wait for a light over the track to go out to start the race.  Jason wasn’t able to even practice a start and with just some observation and coaching he nailed his first start, nearly taking the lead in turn one.  Jason and the top 6 cars battled for the first couple of laps.  During these initial laps, he dropped to third and defended and attacked every corner until 3 of the top 6 drivers crashed.  Jason avoided the mayhem and moved into the lead and his first experience leading a race following the pace car and then restarting the race.  Again, with no previous experience, his restart was excellent as he leapt away leaving the field behind to squabble for 2nd.  He continued to lead and pull way another red flag ended the race.  Due to confusion at the end of the race, redirected to scrutineering(AKA Tech) instead of the winners circle and had to run back to be interviewed and receive his champagne and trophy.

United Formula Ford Race 1(starts 2hrs 2 min)

As the winner of first race Jason started the second race on the pole.  As the lights went out, he revved engine just a little to high and spun the wheels giving him a slow start.  As the cars headed into turn 1 he was passed by the yellow #29.  He kept his cool and was back into the lead by the turn three.  He and the #29 swapped places a few times before Jason forced him back to defend and battle for with third.  In the mean time the fast drivers began to make their way through the field and caught up to Jason and pressed him for the lead.  Unfortunately, they backed off when Jason received a 5 second penalty for to many track limits violations.  At the end of the race Jason finished first but was relegated to third due the time penalty. 

United Formula Ford Race 1(starts 4hrs 3 min)

This what happens when Jason shows up in just about any car.  He drives with passion and though, every move is calculated.  Everyone had expectations that he would do well but were still surprised to see him land on the podium for both races and in the points lead.  Jason has been has been hard at work preparing for the next race at Donington Park on May 11th.  Thanks to Gavin Ray for the great Ray Race Car and Phil Wills the PWR1 team for the awesome set up and coaching.  

Formula Scout Article on the race

Silverstone: Jason Pribyl (Ray)/Andrew Rackstraw (Spectrum)


  1.  Jason Pribyl – 38
  2.  Jeremy Fairbairn – 30
  3.  Lewis Fox- 28
  4.  Ben Cox – 26
  5.  Nigel Dolan – 20
    Andrew Rackstraw – 20


Jason and Richard: Hold On to Your Seats

Jason has landed in the UK and has been preparing for his first race on Saturday April 13th.  So far, he has been to watch a race, had a seat made, and even spent a day at the track acclimating to the car.  On Saturday, you should be able to watch the racing live on the MSV YouTube Channel. You will also be able to watch them as recordings after the race.  Well post updates on our social media channels and web site as soon as we have them.  

Silverstone Race Day Schedule
United Formula Ford Qualifying 5:35 AM CST
United Formula Ford Race 4 8:35 AM CST
United Formula Ford Race 8 10:50 AM CST

Here’s the latest Jason and Richard Episode.

Jason preparing to take to Snetterton Circuit for a test session.  He was up to speed pretty quick in mixed conditions.


Jason and Richard UK Episode 3

Here’s the last Jason and Richard Episode where everyone is in the US.   This episode we learn about Jason’s pre-race preparation and what he is excited to do in the UK, hit its racing.  We also understand a bit about Richard’s “studio” room.  Jason is now in England getting settled in his flat and preparing for his first race on April 13.  

Here we have Jason in his natural habitat the race track, in this case Castle Combe Circut.  If you’re quiet you can hear the gear’s changing in his mind has he gathers intel on the circuit and the race day.  He’ll be racing here in August but now’s the time to start preparing for the season’s start in just 2 weeks.  

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First two episodes of Jason and Richard

Jason Pribyl and Richard Wait, broadcasting veteran and great uncle,  are pleased to announce the first two episodes of an on going series where they chat briefly about what’s going on in with Jason as he travels to England to for PWR1 in the United Formula Ford series.  Just a few more days until he leaves and meets his team and car in real life and begins a new adventure meets some new challenges.  We expect to post these every other week but may occasionally get an extra one or skip a week due to complicated international schedules.   

Episode 1 – Jason tells a couple of racing stories and how he feels about his up coming trip.

Episode 2 – Jason is excited to travel and give some thanks to supporters and sponsors.

In the news and some Formula Ford

Jason is in the news!

Jason will be staying in Bicester for the summer, which is located a little north west of Oxford.  More importantly to him, it is 20-30 minutes from Silverstone Circuit, home of Formula 1 British Grand Prix and the location of Jason’s first race of the season.  Bicester has a former Air Base just like his home town Glenview, IL.  Like Glenview, it has been converted for public use and events, and is the location of an historic race car museum and restoration facility Bicester Heritage.

Enjoy a video on what Formula Ford racing in the UK is about and why he’s excited for this opportunity. 

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2024 Schedule Announcement

Jason Pribyl Autosports is excited to announce that in 2024, Jason will build on last year’s F1600 and SRF3 success by racing Formula Fords with PWR1 (Phill Wills Racing) and the support of Ray Race Cars in United Formula Ford series.

United Formula Ford is a race series based in the United Kingdom, founded by MotorSport Vision Racing (MSVR) and James Beckett Motorsport.  This year’s series will consist of eight events, each with two races.  “I’ve heard about Jason from teams that worked with him in the States.  He’s a great driver on and off the track and I’m happy to have him on board for the 2024 season”, said Wills.  Jason will be driving the factory backed Ray F1600.  Owner of Ray Race Cars Gavin Ray said, “When Phill told me Jason was coming to race for him I knew Jason would need a car that was on par with his abilities”.  Additionally, he is tentatively planning on running the prestigious Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hays Trophy races to cap the season.

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2023 Ray Fomula Ford

United Formula Ford 2024 Calendar

“This is a big step but I’m ready for it.  To be surrounded by people with who had a hand in the careers of some of the greatest drivers is really exciting.” – Jason Pribyl

Jason’s F1600 2nd place finish at Road America 2023

Jason Pribyl, 18 years old, is an accomplished driver from Glenview, Illinois, USA.  In 2023 he finished 2nd in the SCCA Northern Conference Majors in Spec Racer Ford 3 and was one of 4 American drivers nominated for the Team USA Scholarship.

PWR1, lead by Phil Wills, has been supporting F1600 for several decades.  Phil has supported drivers early in their career including F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen.  

RAY HERITAGE – 50 years in the making…
Ray have been manufacturing race cars since 1971. Founder Bert Ray, brother Frank Ray and Bert’s son Gavin Ray have been producing cars for over 50 years. Ray is the oldest manufacturer of Formula Fords that is still competing and winning.  Gavin and his team build both the F1600 and the Race School Cars including the Lucas Oil School of Racing car. 

Founded in 2006, MotorSport Vision Racing (MSVR) is one of the UK’s leading race event organizers. MSVR operates major promoted meetings and international events in addition to a busy season of club car racing each season.  MSVR runs events across the UK’s leading race venues, including all six of those under the stewardship of parent organization MSV. An extensive portfolio of championships and series sit under the MSVR banner, with many of them running solely on weekends run by the event organizer.