First United Formula Ford Race Results

Prior to landing in the United Kingdom at the beginning April, the last time Jason was in a race car was October 22nd at the USF Pro Combine at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  With just a week of acclimation Jason had his first experience in the his Ray Race Car F1600 at Snetterton Circuit for 3 brief test sessions where he had to  shake down the car, learn the track, and then finally learn to drive it fast.  That’s the only seat time he had prior to setting tires on the track a the world famous Silverstone Circuit for the first race of the United Formula Ford season. 

Having arrived at Silverstone on Friday, there were only two sessions for Jason to learn the track and for the team to make sure the car was race ready.  Unfortunately, due to minor car issues, his sessions where shortened.  Despite that, he was able to pick up the track quickly and started showing the speed required to race well.  After end of day after debriefing the team and Jason made some adjustments to prepare the card for a successful race day on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, Jason climbed into the car and drove out for his qualifying sessions with confidence, prepared to tackle more firsts, new tires and reading a pit board for communication instead of the radio.  He spent a few laps gentling the tires in to readiness before running some initial push laps.  Once ready to go, Jason put in a good banker lap and jumped to pole and then continued to set faster laps.  Jason held the pole position for most of the session.  Just prior to the session being stopped,  he lost the pole by just 0.125 seconds.  Jason would be starting his first race on the front row in second.

All of Jason’s previous race starts were rolling, the field makes a slow lap and the green flag starts the race.  In the UK and Europe they use a standing start.  The cars are stopped and wait for a light over the track to go out to start the race.  Jason wasn’t able to even practice a start and with just some observation and coaching he nailed his first start, nearly taking the lead in turn one.  Jason and the top 6 cars battled for the first couple of laps.  During these initial laps, he dropped to third and defended and attacked every corner until 3 of the top 6 drivers crashed.  Jason avoided the mayhem and moved into the lead and his first experience leading a race following the pace car and then restarting the race.  Again, with no previous experience, his restart was excellent as he leapt away leaving the field behind to squabble for 2nd.  He continued to lead and pull way another red flag ended the race.  Due to confusion at the end of the race, redirected to scrutineering(AKA Tech) instead of the winners circle and had to run back to be interviewed and receive his champagne and trophy.

United Formula Ford Race 1(starts 2hrs 2 min)

As the winner of first race Jason started the second race on the pole.  As the lights went out, he revved engine just a little to high and spun the wheels giving him a slow start.  As the cars headed into turn 1 he was passed by the yellow #29.  He kept his cool and was back into the lead by the turn three.  He and the #29 swapped places a few times before Jason forced him back to defend and battle for with third.  In the mean time the fast drivers began to make their way through the field and caught up to Jason and pressed him for the lead.  Unfortunately, they backed off when Jason received a 5 second penalty for to many track limits violations.  At the end of the race Jason finished first but was relegated to third due the time penalty. 

United Formula Ford Race 1(starts 4hrs 3 min)

This what happens when Jason shows up in just about any car.  He drives with passion and though, every move is calculated.  Everyone had expectations that he would do well but were still surprised to see him land on the podium for both races and in the points lead.  Jason has been has been hard at work preparing for the next race at Donington Park on May 11th.  Thanks to Gavin Ray for the great Ray Race Car and Phil Wills the PWR1 team for the awesome set up and coaching.  

Formula Scout Article on the race

Silverstone: Jason Pribyl (Ray)/Andrew Rackstraw (Spectrum)


  1.  Jason Pribyl – 38
  2.  Jeremy Fairbairn – 30
  3.  Lewis Fox- 28
  4.  Ben Cox – 26
  5.  Nigel Dolan – 20
    Andrew Rackstraw – 20