Badger Trip

For a change of pace we went to Badger Karting Club for practice. I would really like to thank the folks up there for their friendly welcome and great setup. Jason had a very good time and so did I.

He was able to put in some very consistent lap times (60s), once he figured out the course.  It is a more technical course compared to CHMS, more corners and they are tighter, so you really need to hit your marks or end up facing the wrong way.

Another success, this weekend was one cleanly-executed pass.  This is a first!  In previous attempts someone ended up in the grass.  It was fun and nerve-racking to watch all at the same time.

Karting Dad Note: Pay attention to your kids,  Jason was tired when we left and lacked enthusiasm except when he was driving.  Kids will have more fun when they are not tired.  I always ask him if he is ready to go again or pack it in for the day.  Sometimes, I suggest “One more and then home?” or even “I think we are done for today, what about you?”.  Most of the time he on board with the suggestion.  There are times when it might be better to skip practice or go home early, then to push a tired kid and possibly ruin the fun, not to mention have an accident! (Karting Mom put that last part in, but it’s true)