Norway and Badger Racing

My editor is on vacation, so I am going to let the video and pictures do most of the talking.

Drivers Meeting

On Saturday we when to Concept Haulers in Norway, IL to finally get a race in there and see how we did.  Jason spent a good deal of time here since last October learning to driver and then race.  While where there we were promoting the LO206 Sportsman(8-12) and Junior(12-15) classes there for next year.  This will compliment the very nice LO206 Senior class that started there this year. There may even be a LO206jr Kid Kart class there.

Heat 1(2nd) Heat 2(1st)

Our fastest lap there was a 41.985 using the track official timer and our own Transponder(He did not go 60 mph, closer to 35).  This almost a second below is previous fastest time.

From there we drove to Badger to join Bryce and Dylan in a races there.  This was also a benifit for the Pink Ribbon Riders who directly support men and women with breast cancer.  The club raised just over $5000, very impressive.  The only down side is a couple of our friends had mechanical problems with their karts and did not finish races.


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Foggy Morning at Badger

Practice 1(1st) Practice 2(5th)
Heat 1(3rd) Heat 2(3rd)

Jason really ran well, again demonstrating the skills he a worked on all year. He is really starting to put the kart where he wants in at the time he wants it there.  Another great weekend of racing.  Next week it’s the oval race at Road America.