Atomic Decals Sponsorship

We have been suffering from parked kart syndrome and and getting itchy for the season to start.  The new kart is coming along and we are starting to spiral in on where and what we will be racing next season.  In the mean time we have been working with local business to to provide a way for them to support our team and give them some publicity.

Wild Duck Racing is pleased to announce Atomic Decals as a sponsor for the 2013 season.  Atomic Decals will be helping Wild Duck Racing with stickers and numbers for the kart.  We also plan to have some pre-made items with us at the track for sale.  Atomic Decals use modern tools and techniques to produce high quality and eye catching graphics for signs, vehicles, and clothing to promote your business, an event, or “just because”.  Please take a moment to visit their web page and on Facebook to learn more about their work.  When you order something, please be sure to mention you heard about them from Wild Duck Racing.

You may ask yourself, “Wait, Jason isn’t even 8 years old! Why do you need sponsors?”  Kart Racing is one of the least expensive motor sports there is and we try to race on a very efficient budget.  However, it is still requires investment in equipment, track time, and training to field a competitive team.  So, every bit helps.  If you have a child on a soccer or baseball team they have a sponsor too.  This is not much different.  It also gives Jason the opportunity to learn about how business and marketing works.  He is learning to speak with adults about what he does and what he needs to race.  These are skills that will last him a lifetime.

If you know a business that is looking for the opportunity to support youth athletics and expand their audience please let us know.   There are many way that we can work with business and there are many large and small ways we can be helped.

Thanks again to Bruce at Atomic Decals for helping us,  And also to my wife for getting my daughter into horse riding which led us to meet Bruce at the Timmermann’s Ranch Fun Show.