CES Race 5 and 6 at Grattan Results

This was Jason’s plan for the weekend at Grattan.
Friday: Drive to Track and Fish till dark then bed
Saturday: Wake up, Practice, Fish, Race, Fish, bed
Sunday: Wake up, Practice, Fish, Race, Fish, home
That and as it turns out that is how it pretty much went.  He raced very well and caught many bull heads and bluegill in the pond at the track.

This weekend we went to Grattan Raceway for the 5th and 6th race of the Championship Enduro Series.  From what we had heard it is supposed to be a spectacular and very challenging track. We were not disappointed. It is a 2 mile course that starts with a very long front straight and and heads back around in a twisted writhing snake of hills and curves that includes three off camber turns.  Jason loved it.


Carol and Karl Watching their first Kart race.

Jason’s Grandma and Uncle Carl came to watch him race on Saturday.  There were expecting sprint oval racing but got something very different.  This was the first time Grandma Diener got to watch him race.  I am not quite sure what she thinks of all this but she seems to have a good time as did uncle Carl.  We where both very happy to have them around and appreciated their company.

Saturday’s lap times started slow, as expected, first time on the track and I had the gearing all wrong.  First laps where in the 2 min 40 second range during the first practice.  With some more tuning and more practice we got it to a respectable lap time of just over 2 min, but there was still more to go.  Finally, I checked my notes from Gateway and Blackhawk Farms and found I already had knew the right gearing 17/55.  I did that late on Saturday after the race.  I take notes, I should look at them.  Sunday before practice, I got the kart set up right and he was off and chasing the grown ups.  I wish I had the video for the Sunday race, he was battling with #31 a senor heavy  Briggs LO206.  Jason would pass him in the straights and #31 would pass Jason in the corners.  It was great racing right down to the end.


2 Firsts and a Championship

Weekend Stats:
Saturday Best Lap 01:57.915
Finished 1st in class (7th overall)
Sunday Best Lap 01:50.406
Finished 1st in class (7th over all)

As a bonus this weekend was the Briggs Animal Road Racing Nationals.  Jason’s first place finishes in the Novice Junior also gave him that trophy as well.  Thanks to Reagan, Briggs, and 4 Cycle Central for setting this race up.

Thanks this week to the Losches and Ed and Ben Leonhardt for letting share your garage and playing with us, your insite and enthusiasm is invaluable.  Stardust Memorials for sponsoring us for the weekend your support is invaluable.  Last but not least to my wife and her mother we are very glad you are around an let up play with our fast toys.  Our next race is August 3rd Concept Haulers and then back to Blackhawk Farms with CES on August 9-11.  Karen is going to run a 5K on the track before Sunday’s race to please cheer her on too.