Winter Racing

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and has been almost 2 months since Jason’s last race.  We are working on plans for next season – where to race and what to race.  In the meantime, what is a racer to do in the chilly Midwest to stay sharp?
IMG_20131130_103910Indoor karting of course!  Today, we made our first visit to K1 Speed in Addison, IL. Our first session was a little slow while Jason took his time to learn the track, but each lap was faster than the last. Add some more drivers and some more laps and he became one of the fastest kids on the track. Jason was definitely having a good time with these slower but still fun electric karts.

Indoor karting is much more technical; the track is narrow and has more and tighter corners. A good driver must think several corners ahead in order to pass. For Jason, this was a new skill to learn.  He is not used to this style of track and has not had much need or opportunity to work on passing. When racing in the larger races, it became apparent that he was making progress with passing but was still occasionally getting hung up behind a slower driver. Overall, it went very well.  He set the second fastest lap for the week which was also the third fastest lap for the month. This looks like something we are going to continue until the outdoor season starts up again.

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Thanks to the staff at K1 for showing us a good time and keeping all of the drivers safe. My wife for letting me shirk my household duties for the day (again), and to Keith who I hope is reading with an eye for detail before I publish it.