CES Grattan, a relaxing race weekend.

grattan_mapThe plan was simple.  Have Fun.  We have been working very hard over the last few months driving and wrenching.  Last weekend took us to Grattan Raceway park for the second race with the Championship Enduro Series.  Grattan is a great track for racing (trackpeida).  It has a nearly mile long front straight, followed by another mile plus of very technical track that challenges even the most experienced driver.  We had a plan for the kart and the race, so could “relax” a little and just enjoy the weekend.  Aside from racing there was going to be lots of sitting by the pond fishing, another of Jason’s favorite activities.  If he was not racing he was going to be fishing.

IMG_0446The weekend’s racing was sponsored by the folks at StarDust Memorials.  Our friends Marcy and Jordan Lindberg started this company a few years ago after Jordan left academia.  When we were looking for sponsorship last year they were one of the first to step and support the team.  Should you have storage needs for cremains, they can help you find what you need.  A short list of their products includes basic urns, necklaces, green products, resting places for beloved pets and even custom items.


Big Bass

The weather on Saturday looked a bit sketchy with showers predicted.  Since we were running the Briggs Animal, we expected to see some improvement in speed and lap times.  Jason’s practice lap times were slower then last year’s.  Between practice and racing I had the kart aligned at 4 Cycle Central.  The kart needed to be readjusted after the beating on the oval track.  His race times were better by about 2 seconds, but it began to rain and the race was red flagged.  The best part of this race was that he got to compete with two Senior super heavy drivers much older then him.  Their motors were more powerful than his but because of weight differences (405 vs 260) their lap times were almost exactly the same.  Jason could out-brake them into the corners and they would eventually pass him in the straights.

Saturday night brought torrents of rain and wind.  The level of the fishing pond was up by about 8 inches and there were several new streams coming out of the hills, including some that entered the track.  Some of these streams even dropped below the track and bubbled up again from a crack in the middle.  A single practice round was held after much delay, even though there was water crossing the track in turn 1 and between 6 and 7.  A number of folks lost it in 6 and 7 including Jason.  IMG_1681The powers that be decided that the race was rained out and everyone got rain points (first place).  Those that wished to could still race but only for trophies and bragging rights.  The guys that Jason was racing with were on the fence and Jason asked them to race with him.  He was able to convince our friend Ken Parker to race, partly because his son was going to be racing too.  When race time came Jason and Ken went out and Ken, with nothing to lose, showed him a good time and gave him some pointers for the next time.

The next race is Round 4 of the Mid-American Sprint Series at USAIR Motorsports Park.  This is supposed to be a excellent driver’s track.  Also on the schedule for the next two weeks is the Lake County Fair in Grayslake IL, where Katie will be showing her lamb Sage.  I will be sure to get some pictures and video of the auction in the next post.

Thanks to Marcy and Jordan Lindberg at Stardust Memorials for supporting the team this weekend.  Thanks to Johnsons, Losches, Parkers, Vehrings, Murrays and all the “grown up” racers for playing with Jason on the track at CES, Jason really looks up to you guys.  Happy Birthday Mom, sorry we missed your party, but the track calls.  Karen, just thanks for being in my life for the last two decades and 13 years of marriage. Happy Anniversary.