One step forward and…

It’s been two weeks since we returned from the second Championship Enduro Series weekend this time at Blackhawk Farms.  The week prior we were waiting for Jason to heal and scrambling to find a source for racing methanol.  We found  a local source at Chicago Connection a race shop that is associated with US 41 Motorplex.  Thanks to them we are now the proud owners of a 55 gallon drum of Sunoco 99% Pure Methanol.   By Wednesday Jason was cleared to race again.  I picked up the barrel on Friday morning and that afternoon as soon as school let out we piled into the truck and went to try our luck again an see if we could beat our gremlins. 

We met up with my Aunt and her friend on Friday night.  We hung out in the pit/camp and caught up on family events, relaxed, after doing last minute kart adjustments.  They returned on Saturday morning to watch a full day of racing.  Saturdays practice went really well.  The sprint kart as usual was really hooked up right.  It was turning super fast laps and handling really well.   The road kart was starting come together it was faster than the sprint kart few seconds and was handling pretty well.  Jason was starting to get the hang of driving it.   Race 1, in his sprint kart, went great and he started 23rd overall and finished 11th.  Race 6 , in his road kart, started well, but after three laps he took turn seven too wide and clipped a hump with the rear wheel and bent the rim.  Once again he was out of the race.  The last race of the day was in his sprint kart and again he did very well moving from 23rd to 11th.  We were able to source a wheel from our parts bin and the kart was ready for the next day of racing. 

Sunday brought two rounds of practice and then right into racing.  During race 1 Jason in turn one of the second lap the print kart was collected by another kart as it spun out.  The contact bent his left side nerf bar and totaled the side panel.  Thankfully, Jason was not hurt but the kart was not going to be repaired for race 7, no parts.  Jason was eager to race in his road kart but with the heat of the day and the days earlier incident we we decided that he should take a token lap to register a start and call it a weekend.  The karts were packed into the trailer and we headed home disappointed but looking to race another day.  

We have been very busy fixing the sprint kart and it is almost ready for the second Dart kart club race weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington Ohio.  This will be our first trip track and are very excited to see what it is like.  It has an nice off camber turn and some really long straights.  Practice starts on Friday and we will posting live videos and pictures all weekend long on our facebook, twitter,  and instagram pages.

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