InTech MaxTheTach: Vote For Jason

Here it is, the first of February, its still too cold and frozen to hit the track for some practice days, and race day is months away.   Thanks to InTech Trailers and we now have something to take the edge off parked kart syndrome.  You can plan out your dream race trailer from InTech Trailers and then find something racy to fill it with at  You can even find parts and service vehicles there too.

Now for the part were Jason needs your help, race over the InTech Trailer Max The Tach voting pages and vote for Jason.   This is the first round of the voting for the top 25 teams.  For the last two years Jason has made the top 25 and then the top 10.  Lets see if we can get him all the way to the top 5 and on to number one.   Please follow the link and vote there are only 5 days of voting in the first round and your vote really helps.  

To Vote click on the banner below and select type Pribyl in the search box to find Jason, enter your email address, click submit and we are off to the races.   Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.  THANKS!

Here are the videos we made for the MaxTheTach top 10 for 2018 and 2017. 

Follow along with Wild Duck Racing on Social Media:​

Thanks to our 2019 Partners for their continuing support we could not have done this with out you. 
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