Fathers 2019 Day At Mid-Ohio: More Rain

Father’s day weekend was spent at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course as we raced with the Dart Kart Club and Championship Enduro Series.  The weather for the weekend was not expected to be great but Dart Kart Club has been great about getting racing in and they will race in the rain at Mid-Ohio. 

After the previous races disaster our plan to have motors came together nicely, 4 Cycle Central built us a new motor using what remained of all of our old motors and a used 206 case.  We took off the loaner and put on our very own motor and for Friday’s practice.  Though, we had to wait for the rest of the kart, it needed tires, other adjustments, and the track need some dry time.   Once out there the kart was still a little tight but showed pace.  The wet weather kept us from really tuning the kart the track did not really get dry and fast until later in the afternoon which left little time.  We did scale and align the kart post practice, we are still trying to work that skill out for ourselves. 

Saturday morning brought some more rain, but once it dried up the racing was great.   Jason started on the pole for reasons unknown to us and was able to start well.  His youth showed a bit as he dropped back to 8th or 9th, but he skillfully worked his way back up.  In the Animal 350 race he finished 6th and in th 370 race he finished 4th.  Between races one of our competitors blew a motor, they too had a PT4 with a cracked motor mount which led failure.  Both Jason and I put in some time in getting that kart apart and repaired.  While looking at our own kart Jason and I found and repaired a broken seat strut.  We celebrated a great day of racing with our fellow animals by having some low country boil fixed up by Jack, bench racing, and watching the 24 hours of LeMons well into the evening. 

Regrettably the rain continued into Sunday morning.  I had a plan to get the kart out on rain tires if need be.  However, Jason felt that since he was going to be the only one on track for the 350 race he was going to take the rain points and things weren’t looking good for the 370 race.  We decided to bail on the day and head home.  I don’t often have regrets about racing, but all the way home I watch the sky clear.  Once home we heard that the 370 race was held in the dry, but most of the Animals had packed up and left. 

The next two weekend are off with a trip to Road America for the Indycar race and then home for a weekend.  Though, we may head to Wolf Paving Raceway for some testing and a practice race.  Otherwise, we will be preparing the sprint kart for what is likely the biggest race we have ever attended, the Battle of the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The weekend after that will be the next Cup Karts of North America at Wolf Paving Raceway

On fathers day we are missing dad and grandpa.  My dad inspired me to take my son to the races Road America and then put him into a kart.  Much of the talk during Blackway Farms racing and during our Formula 1 weekend was about how much he would have enjoyed it.  Thanks Dad!  Thanks Mom for coming with us to both Blackhawk and Montreal and allowing us to share racing with you.  Thanks to all the folks in the banner picture, these are either dads supporting their family or family supporting a dad.  Thanks You all.