Off to the Races 2020

Its been a wild few weeks of kart racing now that we have a moment to pause I can write up the first sprint kart race of the season.  The Cup Karts of North America held its first race June 6th and 7th at 61 Kartway in Delmar Iowa.  Rather then gently getting back into tracking Jason entered two classes 206 Light and 206 medium.  We have not run two classes in sprint karting for few years and knew this will be challenging but not impossible.  

Because Jason had only been on the a kart track once since last season, we decided to head to track very early to try to get some extra seat time and started practicing on Wednesday.  We spent the two days adjusting the kart and trying out different set ups.  This year Jason was clearing in charge of setup and I was guide and helper.  Over the two days the kart and Jason got faster as he built confidence and found the sweet spot on the track. 

Through out Friday and Saturday the kart became more of hand full to drive as the track picked up more rubber.  The highlight being Jason qualified 5th in medium but ran into a hole what collapsed on him when a driver in front of him had to avoid another kart.  In both classes he had to fight his way up to 10th in light and 14th in medium.

Sunday was a different story.  Overnight Jason had talked his way drive in an new Arrow X5-4S kart from Noah Stark Engine Works.  With only short time to adjust to the kart he qualified 8th.  He came of the track amazed that a kart could handel as well as this one.  Unfortunately, he suffered yet another shove off the track.  In heat 2 was able to set the 3rd fastest lap while making up spots.   He managed to move up to 7th place by the end of the feature.   He ran his own kart in the medium races but was not able to get the speed he needed to move forward.  In the medium feature he moved to the Arrow having to start last(18th) and he moved up to 13th. 

It was a good weekend of hard work that felt like it paid off.  After race day on Sunday we ended up buying the kart as it was a second and half faster.  We are going to spend the next few week preparing the new kart for racing at New Castle and getting ready for the Mid-Ohio race in the road kart. 

Thanks to Noah Stark for the opportunity and the help with setup of the kart.  Jason really likes it and is looking forward to getting it back on the track.  This was also the debut weekend of Jason in is new suit from Tri-Star Race Wear.