2 Down And 2 To Go

September brought the end of the Cup Karts of North America regular season.  Jason finished 6th in Senior Light and 10th in Senior medium.  Both where very competitive classes and he showed a great deal of improvement in his first year in the class. 

In the last weekend of September Jason joined in the last race Dart Kart Club 2020 season at Pittsburgh International Race Complex.  We are still awaiting final results for the 3 classes in the full and mini series.  We can report that he had a blast racing his kart with a limited mod animal on it.   It was astoundingly fast topping out at 105 MPH with his drafting buddy Jack Reall.   The only down side is we found the speed and power ate tires and rear gears.  Because of some of Jason’s limited mod testing there has been some talk about creating a new class with a faster version of this motor and sprint karts next season. 

The first weekend in October Jason brought the Cup Kart of North American Grand Nationals IV.  While Jason started off mid-pack fast, the kart suffered through another accident and it never quite recovered.  Jason and the team worked very hard to bring it back up  to speed.  After Saturday’s heat he  made the medium feature starting 45 of 60 and was mid-pack in light.  Unfortunately, in both features on Sunday the kart had no speed and was the last finishing kart in both races, but he did finish.  It was a very disappointing weekend of racing but still a good weekend spent at the track.

The penultimate race of the season is not a kart race but a stint in the #13 Rice Race Prep F1600 formula car at Pittsburgh with the Formula Race Promotions series.  Rice Race had two drivers of their F1600 win two of the three Team USA scholarships which opened a seat for Jason.  The weekend will start with a full day of practice and coaching followed by two days of more practice and 3 races.   We are very excited for this opportunity to show his racing prowess with a high level team. 

Thanks to Glenview State Bank and David Kreiman for continuing to support Jason dreams and the Glenview Community.