2021 Season Starts with speed

Jason had his first practice weekend at Grattan Raceway to shake down his road racing karts.  We managed to get the new PT4 kart tuned up and running.  We did find the break lines needed to be replaced and the seat fit was just wrong, both were fixed at the track.  The old PT4 was eventually put together and had two laps put on it before the weekend was over.   Both karts need some adjustment before they will be race ready for the Championship Enduro Series opener at WorldWide Technolgoy Raceway May 7-9 but both seem fast.

The weekend of May 1st, Jason took flight in his first SCCA race in a Formula Enterprise 2 race car.  World Bridge Partners Executive Search supported his entry in the Mark Amenda Memorial Majors.  Rennkraft Motorsports prepared his car and coached him through Friday practice as he got himself comfortable.  He didn’t show much speed but by the end of the day there was some glimmer of potential and we was starting to have fun driving.   Saturday, began with practice and qualifying, had some good speed and qualified 2nd a class of 6 cars.  Unfortunately, during the days race he made a mistake in turn three and went off track and dropped back quite a bit.   He was able to recover and kept pushing and passing cars to the checkered flag, finishing 4th. 

Saturday Qualifying

Overnight, Jason and his coach Tony studied the days data.  Some adjustments were made to the car and Jason made adjustments to his drive.  At the drop of the green Jason hit turn one in hot pursuit of this rival and stayed with him for the first two laps when a yellow came out for some other cars.   On the restart Jason again was on his tail.  A few more laps in, Jason, still chasing, backed off when the lead car started leaking water and then eventually retired, putting Jason in the lead.  From that point on Jason drove a clean race to earn his first win in a car.  

Thanks again to World Bridge Partners Executive Search for sponsoring this weekend.   Tony and the Rennkraft Motorsports team put together a great car that allowed Jason to demonstrate his skills in his first race, a great group to work with.

Come join our marketing team for the 2021 season, there are still opportunities available.