Big Dreams at Indy

We are now back home from our great adventure at the Indy Runoffs and had a chance to settle a bit. Before anything else though, THANK YOU for all of your support.  We would not have been able to get to this point without you!
2015 Watching at Indy, 2021 Racing at Indy

Jason did grate at his first Runoffs.  He qualified 9th and finished 8th. Unfortunately, a protest moved him back two position penalty and officially finished 10th.   His focus was to run clean and finish.  He had a good start, though he lost a couple of positions at the first turn.  He picked up spots as the race progressed and was able to take advantage of two restarts after full-course cautions.  In the last lap of the race he had light contact with another car (prompting the protest) but kept his car steady and moving forward.  At the checkered flag he had beaten some of the top drivers in the US.The pressure to do well is  intense for everyone.  As a rookie with dreams of racing professionally, he held a level head and focused on getting the job done.  He even handled his own court proceedings related to the protest and was praised by the race stewards for his maturity and kindness.

Here is Jason’s race as recorded by the SCCA, which includes driver introductions and some sponsor announcements.  Jason’s named sponsors are Rennkraft, Zamp Helmets and World Bridge Partners. 

The full video from Friday can be found here and has over 30,000 views on it

The FE2 season is officially over and his car was sold at the end of the weekend.  The previous drivers weren’t able to get the car up to speed.  Jason with the help of Rennkraft Motorworks demonstrated that the car is very competitive with the right team.  

The race season is not quite over yet.  Jason will run the 50 lap ‘Looong Race’ at Blackhawk Farms Raceway at the end of October.  There is a possiblity of another race but will announce once arrangements are farther along.

Jason even has some fans from the home town came to watch him race. 
Sadly, we missed taking a picture with T.J. Hollingsworth during his visit.
We heard from many of Jason’s fans who watch the live video as well.