Historic Milwaukee Mile

Jason was back in a Spec Miata the weekend of May 14th at the historic Milwaukee Mile.  The track started as a horse track in 1876 and has been the center of the Wisconsin State Fair since 1891.  It also happens to be the 4th new track and the 4th car he has raced this season.   

It was a great weekend of racing and fun at the track.  Once again he, drove an Advanced Autosports rental car but this time it was the #39 car.  He started the weekend on Friday learning the track and the car with the help of this weekend’s coach Michael Borden.  Jason picked the track up very quickly and spent the day getting comfortable in the car.

Saturday’s qualifying run went well.  He qualified 3rd against a tough field, setting his fastest laps without being able to draft from any other cars.  Due to a technical DQ of another driver, he started on the front row in second position.  He got off to rough start ending up in 5th and staying there for the 22 lap race.  On Sunday he announced that he was going to set his qualifying time within 5 laps and come in to save tires for the race.  He did exactly that, setting the third fastest time.  Again he got shuffled back – this time to 6th place – and finished there.  All in all it was a great weekend.  Jason showed some great speed and with some more practice, started up front and stayed there.

We had another ‘this is why we race’ moment that weekend with some drivers from Badger Kart Club and Road America racing along with Jason.  These gentlemen are part of the new generation of racing talent.
Next up is a race with National Auto Sports Association at Mid-Ohio Sports car course, this time in a Mazda Spec MX-5 and the 3rd round of the Northern Region Spec MX-5 Challenge presented by Toyo Tires.  The remaining schedule will be announced in the coming days but this race will be the beginning of the new 2022 season.