2023 SRF3 June Sprints

June Sprints is probably one of the hardest SCCA weekends to race.  It starts on Tuesday afternoon with teams with teams unloading their cars and setting up their pit site for the weekends.  Wednesday and Thursdays are days of testing and practice, which is especially important since Road America has been repaved over winter and everyone needs to learn it again.  Friday are two qualifying sessions to set the grid for Saturday and Sundays races.  Add the heat of 90 degree days its a long hard weekend.

Our expectations for the weekend were muted but still pretty high.  The h-pattern transmission was going to be a limited factor on the long straights of Road America.  However, he’s still a very fast and smart driver and were still hoping to be in the top 20 if not higher. 

Jason had to work hard to find some speed in the car on the test days, but it really didn’t coming together.  Friday’s qualifying was also challenging since he was one of the few h-pattern cars as was going to struggle to draft.  In qualifying session one he landed in 23rd and in session two 26th, but in the end he would start Saturday’s race in 30th.  That was very quite discouraging and a change plan was in order. 

Saturday race was good Jason started 30th and moved up to 19th.
Onbaord SCCA Saturday SRF3
Live SCCA Saturday SRF3

Jason started Sunday’s race in 19th because many drivers decided they didn’t want to race in the rain.  Jason on the other hand was ready to go and had a plan.  He could get his car up to speed faster and was able to make key passes in the first few laps. 
Live SCCA Sunday SRF3

Bonus, Jason was invited to join the announcers to add color and commentary for the Race Group 7: P1, P2, and FE2. 

The next race is a bit of surprise, Jason will be returning to Road America the weekend of July 6-9 for his second Formula Race Promotion race in a F1600 once again with Rice Race Prep.  The race will be broadcast on speedtourTV.com more details to come.

Thanks to Elite Autosport for the great car and support.  Thanks to Gregg Ginsberg, Brian Bielanski, and DriversEye Live for allowing Jason the opportunity to join you in the broadcast booth.