K1 Race 4, Demolition Derby

IMG_4546I was finally able to take Jason to a K1 Speed race this season and I almost regret it.  It was one of the roughest races I have ever seen.  Some of the better drivers where missing and there was only enough drivers for one large group.  Jason was caught in the pack for both qualifying and the race and really had to fight to make any head way.   In qualifying he was never able to get free enough to get a clean fast lap.  His lack of space put him in 5th place for the feature start.  Quickly he moved up to 4th and was making effort to move into third when he hit the wall and lost many places as the caution dropped.  In the end he finished in 7th.  The good news is, Jason is now in third place for the season an with one race to go and only two points back, finishing second is very possible.

Qualifying Race
Feature Race
This weekend we are headed to Badger Kart Club for some practice and coaching before the next race with the Mid-American Sprint Series.

Thanks to our Moms for taking care of myself and my wife long enough for us to find our own way in the world.  You have laid the foundation for our lives.  Thanks for Karen for taking such good care of our children and giving them the confidence and freedom to be their own unique people.

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