MASS at Badger

badgerplotSince our last outdoor race, Jason has been practicing hard at Briggs and Stratton Raceway Park(AKA Badger) in Dousman, Wisconsin.  He is getting ready for the LO206 Cup and the most recent race weekend with the Mid-American Sprint Series.  This will be the 6th and 7th days of racing since we started in at the end of March.   That does not include the weeknight races at K1 Speed.  It is a hectic pace we have set for ourselves this summer.   The early season is taking its toll and we need to be sure that we continue to pace ourselves and not get too tired and burnt out.

We are getting so close to having the LO206 kart and Jason put together to be really competitive.  Jason and I both need more coaching,  though I think I need it more than he does.  He has been driving the kart just about as fast as it will go with my inexperienced hands.  Every lap he turns is more consistent and faster.  We are starting to reach some of the faster lap times that it will take to win races.  Most of the changes this weekend were very subtle gear changes to adjust for temperature changes.  Other than that it was check nuts and bolts and keep it fueled.  I am going to have to start branching out into more chassis adjustments to refine the setup for maximum speed.

IMG_4630Jason had a very good weekend.  On Saturday he qualified third.  He started 3rd but dropped to 5th with a really bad start, finishing 4th in the pre-feature.  In the feature he started 4th but picked up a spot and finished 3rd for the day.   Sunday’s racing was a little more exciting when he qualified 2nd.  He took advantage of his start position and managed to take the lead on the start.  He held it together for the whole race and took the checker with his first win in this series.  For the feature, he started on the pole and kept the lead until the hairpin where he made a small mistake and dropped to second.  He stayed ahead of the rest of the field and finished second.

Sunday Pre-Feature Win
IMG_4713We are taking the week off from racing to watch racing – the 99th annual running of the Indy 500!!!  We watched the Indy Lights race on Friday, hung out at the track for the driver’s meeting, and then watched the spectacle on Sunday.

The next kart race will be at Blackhawk Farms for the first race weekend of the Championship Enduro Series on May 30th and 31st.  Two days of road racing.  If your cable provider has it, you should be able to watch some of the event with Adventure Aaron on MavTV later this summer.  This race also counts toward the LO206 CUP/CES Challenge where the top points from the combined series will get a trophy.  After that is the last K1 Speed race of this season.  Jason is currently in 3rd place of this competitive series.

Thanks to Jason and congratulations on the your 10th Birthday, keep up the good work.  Thanks to Karen for giving me a great son to hang out with.

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