2019 Racing Review

The 2019 season was very good,  Jason and team managed to hit 11 different tracks, 2 endurance racing and 1 sprint race,  and one special event.   Because he raced in a large number of series he was only running for points in one mini-series, but was successful in just about every race he entered.

  • Dart Kart Club Mini Series: Animal 350 Senior 3rd
  • Dart Kart Club Mini Series: Animal 370 Senior 2th
  • Battle of the Brickyard Briggs 206 Jr 12th
  • 30 Race Season, 1 Win, 12 Podiums, 16 Top 5

In addition to kart racing Jason spent some time in a Lucas Oil School of Racing formula race car.   He attended the basic class at Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course and the second class was held at Autobahn Country Club.  Both weekends were a great experience for him and will let him get his SCCA license and start working on race car seat time in the 2020 season. 

Some more of the seasons stats

  • 4 Car Shows
  • 3 New Paper Articles Tribune 1LanternTribune 2
  • 5 Busted Motors, there might be a problem
  • 4 days of rain at the race track
  • 6500 miles on the Duck Truck
  • 20 Gallons of pure methanol 
  • 12 Quarts of Amsoil 4T
  • 10 Cans of Amsoil Brake cleaner
  • 2 Sets of Bridgestone YLCs 
  • 6 Sets of Vega VAH Reds
  • 3 Sets of Hoosier R60s
  • 11 Weekends away from home
  • WebSite Stats
    • 14 Posts
    • 1233 Visitors
  • YouTube Channel stats 
    • 24 new videos
    • 33K impressions with a 5% click rate

The 2020 plans are still up in the air at the moment, we are working on plan A with more cars and plan B with more karting.  Seeking new marketing partners and sponsors is always a priority.  Please reach out if you or someone you know is interested in supporting a racer early in his career. 

Thanks to our 2019 Partners for their continuing support we could not have done this with out you.   Do you know someone that wants to support racing, see our partnership page for more information.
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