2020 Wild Duck Racing Sponsor Program

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If you are here, it means that we are already doing our job.
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WIMG_7277e’re excited that you are considering in joining the Wild Duck Racing team.  Partnering with us is more then just stickers on a car or kart.  You become part of the team.IMG_7272

Why do we need sponsors?  Fielding a competitive team requires investment in equipment, track time, and training and every dollar counts.  Your local sports youth leagues often have teams sponsored local business.  Unlike those team sponsorships, this team will directly participate in promoting you in person, online, and in print.

Wild Duck Racing has a growing social media presence on all of the major platforms.  We can work with your business and share products, services, and events with our growing fan base to bring new customers. 

Sponsorship Proposal and Plans

Crew Member

  • Your company name or logo on the race karts/car.
  • Your company and products promoted on the website and social media.
  • Jason and his karts or car appear in newspapers, websites, and press releases.
  • Having your business cards and brochures available where the kart at the track and on display at cars shows.
  • Exposure to a wide variety of companies and individuals attending races.
    Last year we traveled to 50 races on 13 tracks in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Engine Builder – Race Weekend Sponsor

  • Above Plus
  • Blog post and social media dedication to sponsor in event posts 
  • VIP Access to race weekend, Pit passes, Grid Access
  • Feature blog post about your products or services with social media promotion
  • Custom Livery for race weekend
  • Your logo on the racing suit.

Chassis Builder – Season Sponsor: 

  • Above Plus
  • Equipment and personnel appearances at your event or businesss
  • Custom Livery for the season

Custom Packages Available:  What are your needs and how can we help?

What else can you expect from Jason and Wild Duck Racing?

  • Professional conduct at all times from the team.
  • Up close participation in the exciting world of racing. 
  • A newsletter with Information regarding our current events, plans, and race results. 

What else we would expect from you?
Promote your partnership with Jason and Wild Duck Racing.

  • Support Jason’s social media campaigns of your products and services.
  • Press release announcing partnership and events.
  • Endorsement letter of Jason Pribyl and Wild Duck Racing at the end of the season

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