Racing Sports Cars for Fun

Last weekend, we drove home from Ozarks International Raceway with out having put a car on the track and having to withdraw from the series.  This was very disappointing for Jason and the team.  We had been working on this since early November and it was a very difficult decision to make.   Not all is lost though, at a minimum, Jason now has more experience and trained in another formula car and has 3 new tracks under his belt.  He also gained lots of exposure in the racing community meeting teams, drivers, and race promoters.  All of this will bring new opportunities as we keep working.

We gave ourselves the drive home to put our thoughts together and the next day began resetting the season.  As part of the seasons planning we had looked into a number of different possibilities  One of those possibilities was racing sports cars.  So, this weekend, Jason will be returning to Advanced Autosports #85 Spec Miata and enter the SCCA Mark Amenda Memorial Majors at Blackhawk Farms Raceway.  This the same car he rounded out the 2021 season in running the LOONG Race, also held at Blackhawk.  Jason has raced this track since he was 7 years old in karts and last year won his first SCCA Formula Enterprise 2 race.  While this weekend is mostly focused on resetting and rebuilding, we have some good expectations for his results. 

This is just the beginning of the season, there we are working on other similar opportunities and will have a new complete schedule in the coming weeks.  When Jason was just getting started in karting we had a season where we would see what tracks had races that weekend and went.  That season he had a lot of seat time and became the driver he is now.  This season might be the that kind, and with hard work and focus will take him to the next level in his career